These are our most popular items and their pricing.  If you do not see an item below, feel free to contact us for a custom quote. 

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Rental Prices


Uplights- $20/each

DJ Lights- $20/each

Pin Spot Battery Light- $5/each

Magnetic Wash Battery Light- $5/each

Disco Ball 12"- $15

Disco Ball 24"- $25

Fog Machine- $35

Fog Machine Low Fog- $50 (Dry Ice not included)

Stage lighting- $20/each

Gobo Template: (does not include shipping)

Steel- Single Color- $95

Glass- 2 color- $189

Glass- Full Color- $585

Gobo Light Fixture- $75

Festoon Lights 100' (with Novelty bulbs)- $75

Speaker Systems

Powered Speakers: $50-75/Each

Powered Subwoofer: $50/each

Wireless Handheld Microphone: $50

Wireless Lapel/Lavaliere Microphone: $50

Wired Microphone: $10

Small Audio Mixer: $35

Event Supplies

Red Carpet (4'x12')- $25

Stanchion Upright Silver- $10

Stanchion Upright Black- $10

Stanchion w/ Retractable belt- $10

Stanchion Red Velvet Rope- $10

6' Rectangular Table: $5

Black Folding Chair: $2.75

Generator 2000 watt (quiet)- $50

Generator 7000 watt (quiet)- $150

Pipe and Drape:

Black 3' tall: $2/linear foot

Black 8' tall: $3.50/linear foot

Black 16' tall: $5/linear foot

Event Carpet: Quoted

The Fine Print...

Rentals are based on a (1) One day term. Typically rentals are picked up at 11am the day of your event and returned the following day at 10am, delivery options are available. Special exceptions can be made, please contact us. Users will receive the items in like-new condition and shall return in the same manner, any loss or damage will be billed back to the user plus any days that the equipment is out of order.  Generators are to be filled with Unleaded Gasoline before return, we charge $5/gallon. Our drapes are not to be cleaned! Please only vacuum carpet, do not shampoo or spot clean carpet. Cleaning fees may apply. Please don't hesitate to ask us, we are always glad to help you out!

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